Comic books fall into four major categories. Comic book categories are:

1. THE GOLDEN AGE (1938 – 1956)
    This age was the era of the action comics. Superman and Batman for example were introduced as well as other superheros. At this time the action figures could be seen fighting real life enemies of the United States such as Hitler. Western, detective and sci-fi comics began to be seen in the late 1940’s. My personal favorite Donald Duck comics fall into this age group. Comics in mint to near mint condition can be worth a huge amount of money. Do you have money in your attic or a parents attic?

2. THE SILVER AGE (1956 – 1970)
    During this time period comics really hit their stride and became great sources of entertainment. Superhero comics lost some of their luster towards the end of the Golden Age and early on in the Silver Age. Superhero comics however, came roaring back in popularity with the advent of content regulation. This was done as there was fear if they didn’t more juvenile delinquents might be created. During this time the Fantastic Four and Spiderman appeared.

3. THE BRONZE AGE (1970 – 1985)
    During this time period comics returned to the darker plots of the Golden Age. Drug use, pollution and poverty were popular plots. During this time period some of the greatest writers ended their careers and younger writers began their careers.

4.  THE MODERN AGE (1985 – present)
    Some call this the dark age of comics as comics became darker and psychologically complex. Independent comics started to enjoy success and creators became better known. In some respects the anti-hero has become popular.