COMIC BOOK RESTORATION – The restoration of comic books by professionals became legitimate in the 1970’s. It was mostly done by collectors that wanted their comic books to look as perfect as possible. At that time it was not done to increase profits. In the 80’s and 90’s restoration of comics became very popular and brought high prices regardless of the quality of work. One problem at that time was disclosure. People were buying comic books they thought had not been restored but actually they had been. Restoration developed a bad image because of non-disclosure. In 2000 (CGC) came into being which did independent grading of comic books. The market has seen a decrease in the huge profits of previous years. Restoration is now not viewed as a money making opportunity but rather a preservation of comics for future generations. To see more on restoration and factors involved in grading restored comics click on restoration above.

There are four factors to consider when grading restored comics:

1. apparent grade
2. the amount of restoration
>slight, moderate, and extensive
3. quality of work
4. was the work done by a professional?


A restored comic should get a NM (near mint) rating. This however may not be the case even if the comic has been fully restored. There are four things that can affect the rating. The first being the grade of the comic to start with. The lower the starting grade the more work will be needed and not all defects can be fully restored. Some are stains, creases etc. So the amount of restoration needed can affect the new rating and the quality of work that was done. The best indicator of quality repair work is the Color. Another is acquired over time and that is the feel of the comic book. Does it feel like a comic that has not been restored.

If you are going to consider having a comic restored the best advice is to have a professional perform the work.

If you want to have your comic rated and are thinking of restoration the best place to start is CGC.


It is difficult to give an exact number without the professional restoration company giving you an estimate as it depends on the condition of the book and how much work will need to be completed. First though you will need to find out if your book is a candidate for restoration. Not all books are and you can find out from the restoration service you send your book to for an estimate. Some will give you a ballpark estimate via a picture.

I would not look to make a bundle having a comic restored but look to preserving history.