If you are going to start collecting comics or collectibles you need to understand the classifications that dealers and collectors use. There are basically about eight ratings that collectors use. You need to know the language to start collecting. The following is only a guide and does not include all possible issues affecting a comics value.

The first thing you need to do when looking at a comic is to count the pages. If the book is missing a page or pages it will have considerably less value than a complete comic book. Also look for missing pieces of pages, taped pages, glued pages, loose pages, coupons that have been clipped and missing, even insect and rodent eaten pages. Taped and glued are not considered restoration of a comic book.


> MINT – This refers to a comic in near perfect condition and showing no signs of cover wear. There might be some slight printing imperfections, but it has clean staples and bright and clear ink colors.
– gem mint 10.0
– mint 9.9

> NEAR MINT – The comic has only minor imperfections. Only very small bindery tears and clear bright ink colors. There also are no corner creases. The comic should look as new as the day it was printed. Date stamps in pencil or ink are acceptable.
– near mint/mint 9.8
– near mint+ 9.6
– near mint 9.4
– near mint- 9.2

> VERY FINE – The comic has eye appeal, little if any edge wear and only slight imperfections. The cover is usually relatively flat and the ink is good.
– very fine+ 8.5
– very fine 8.0
– very fine- 7.5

> FINE – The condition of comics rated fine are above average with only minor wear. There might be some slight surface defects and possible stress marks. The comic is definitely a well read book. This can still be a desirable comic though.
– fine/very fine 7.0
– fine+ 6.5
– fine 6.0
– fine- 5.5

> GOOD – Good describes a comic that is not missing any pages and the cover has only small pieces missing. Small pieces would be no larger than a 1/2″ to 1/4″ in size. Comics with this rating are usually creased and soiled but are very readable. The comic should be complete and readable. This book should still be in a collectible grade.
– very good/fine 5.0
– very good+ 4.5
– very good 4.0
– very good- 3.5
– good/very good 3.0
– good+ 2.5
– good 2.0
– good- 1.8

> FAIR – A comic with this rating is heavily worn and tattered. Staples may be missing as well as having creases and folds, low paper quality, coupons may be cut out. The pages might have tears or some staining or pieces missing that can affect reading. There could possibly be extensive tape and in fact the pages may be brittle. This comic has definitely seen better days
– fair/good 1.5
– fair 1.0

> POOR – Comics in this condition have no collector value. They are very worn with pages or sections missing. The cover may be missing as well as having stained and mildewed pages. Inks will not be clear or clean.
– poor .5